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HISD Federal Programs

Title I - Part A

Improving Basic Program

Contact – Maureen Self

Statement of Purpose
The focus and responsibility of our school system is to see that every person, student and staff, is successful.  The commitment requires an environment that encourages and rewards innovation through traditional and non-traditional methods.  All involved are to be active co-participants in the educational process.

Annual Development of Parent Involvement Policy and Parent Compact

  • A District advisory committee of parents selected from each campus will meet annually to discuss and design the District Parent Involvement Policy
  • A committee of parents, teachers, students, community will meet annually on each Campus to design the Campus Parent Involvement Policy and Parent Compact
  • The Campus Student Handbook will have copies of District and Campus Policies and Compacts.
  • Policies and Compacts will be distributed to parents on Campus

Annual Meeting for Title I Parents

  • All Campuses will hold annual meetings for parents during each school year. Parents will be informed of new Title I guidelines and the instructional benefits of the Title I programs.  Parent Involvement Policy and Compacts will be reviewed and made available to each family.

Parent Involvement

  • Each Campus will develop a Campus Compact and Parent Involvement Campus Policy that will provide support and plans of action to support the Campus – Parent relationship with their students.  Campuses will develop and maintain parental involvement activities to meet the individual needs and growth of positive family engagement.
  • Parents will be welcomed through various avenues of multi- language communication throughout the school year.  School Messenger, News Letters, conferences, and personal contacts, phone calls will be utilized to establish and maintain an open line of communication.

Program Evaluation

  • District and Campus will evaluate the effectiveness of Title I programs and services annually through surveys, parent meetings, campus based assessments and statewide assessment data. The recommendations of improvement will be reviewed and used in the development of the program.
Parent Involvement Policy (English)
Parent Involvement Policy (Spanish)
NCLB Report Cards 2014/2015
NCLB Report Cards 2015/2016