Hereford ISD - RTI


RTI Mission Statement

RTI is the process used by all educators to monitor student progress while providing high-quality instruction and evidence-based early or ongoing interventions matched to individualized student needs.


General Information:

Hereford ISD RTI Guidance Document

HISD District Intervention Information

HISD RTI Resources Update

Glossary of RTI Terms

Website Resources for RTI

TIER I Flowchart

TIER II Flowchart

TIER III Flowchart

Documentation Example 1: Ongoing TIER II Student

Documentation Example 2: Student referred for additional testing


HISD RTI Documentation Checklist

RTI TIER 1 Documentation Form

RTI Parent Form:    English    Spanish

Educational Screening/Existing Evaluation Data Form

Health Information Form


Dyslexia Basic Fact Sheet

Dyslexia Information - Spanish

Teacher Observation Questionnaire for Dyslexia

Parent Interview for Dyslexia - English

Parent Interview for Dyslexia - Spanish

Dyslexia Flowchat

Irlen Syndrome - Sensory Processing Deficit:

Irlen Syndrome Information

SPD Parent Permission Form

Vision Screen Form

SPD Parent Survey

SPD Teacher Survey


updated 03/23/17