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HISD Student and Community Engagement

Every District and every campus in Texas will now earn a rating for student and community engagement.
There are nine areas that make up this rating: 

1-Fine Arts,
2-Wellness and Physical Education,
3-Community and Parent Involvement,
4-21st Century Workforce,
5-Second Language Acquisition,
6-Digital Learning Environment,
7-Gifted and Talented Programs,
8-Dropout Prevention, and

  Student & Community Engagement
HISD Recognized
HPA Recognized
HEREFORD JH Recognized
AIKMAN Recognized
NORTHWEST Recognized
STANTON Recognized

Hereford High School scored highest in the areas of Community and Parent Involvement and Dropout Prevention.  Activities in these two areas include: Spring Open House-Showcase of Opportunities with more than 830 participants; 56 different opportunities for community partnerships that receive recognition in the principal’s weekly correspondence; student participation in SnackPak4Kids, Big Brothers Big Sisters and multiple activities for the arts, athletics and academics.  Efforts to help prevent dropping out of school include a high attendance rate that is supported by a strong local court system; classes and activities that motivate students like CTE (950), band (121), choir (118), athletics (434), Theatre and Speech (108), academic competition (40); and high school classes through SOAR and now HCAL that allow students to catch up or accelerate at their own pace.

Hereford Preparatory Academy earned high points for 21st Century Workforce, and Wellness and Physical Education.  More than 60% of our 8th grade students receive instruction through a career orientation class.  HPA students also follow the Olweus Bully Prevention program and consistently hold class meetings to help students learn to be good citizens and classmates.

Hereford Junior High School scored high in Fine Arts.  Along with high numbers of participation in Band, Choir, and Art, students attended the Discovery Center in Amarillo and the Hereford Senior Citizen’s Festival of Trees. 

Aikman Elementary reports success in Community and Parent Involvement with no less than 45 opportunities for the community to serve the school or better yet, for the school to serve the community.

Bluebonnet Elementary scores high in 21st Century Workforce and supports that with strong Community and Parent Involvement.  Happy State Kids Bank, Doppler Dave from KFDA, Hot Sauce Cook-off and many visitors to read aloud and report on careers from across Hereford and the Texas Panhandle.

Northwest Elementary earned recognition for their Gifted and Talented Programs.  Along with hosting the district Pegasus program, NW participated in Pre-UIL Music Memory and the Bluebonnet Bowl.

Tierra Blanca Elementary boasts high scores for Digital Learning Environment where all classrooms have access to the Internet.  All teachers have iPads for their students and more than 90% of the classrooms have projectors with interactive whiteboards.  TB and all the HISD elementary schools have access to distance learning that includes virtual field trips to “virtually everywhere.”

The West Central Elementary Engagement scorecard highlights strong wellness and physical education efforts.  Students are fully supported in the Olweus Bully Prevention program and wellness screening that includes vision, hearing, spinal and basic health.  WC supports a jog-a-thon, field day and HISD track meet for 4th and 5th graders.

Our Stanton Learning Center Pre-K unit received a high score on Wellness and Physical Education.  We have a full-time PE teacher to help our 3 and 4 year olds develop gross motor skills and appreciate the fun in organized play.

All campuses and the district meet the state’s compliance expectations for student data, finance, personnel and general governance.