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HISD Special Education

Joy Kilian - Director of Special Education Services

Joy Kilian
Mrs. Kilian graduated from Nashua High School in New Hampshire. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Chapman University, California, in 1995. In 1999 earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Wayland Baptist University, Plainview, Texas, and returned in 2000 to earn a Master’s degree in Education. She began her career in education as a Special Education Teacher for the Clovis Municipal Schools teaching students in prekindergarten and elementary grades for 7 years. Continued in the Clovis, New Mexico school system as an Educational Diagnostician for 4 years until moving to Texas. She began serving Hereford ISD students in 2008 as a diagnostician and was named Director of Special Education Services in January of 2017.


Administrative Secretary: Maria Gonzalez
Diagnostician: Argelia Alaniz
Diagnostician: Elva Rodriguez
Diagnostician: Jill Savoini
Diagnostician: Mallory Schlabs
Diagnostician: Mendy Warlick
Diagnostician: Olga Leal  (starts Fall 2017)
Diagnostician: Patty Hill
Diagnostician Secretary: Lidia Olvera
Intervention Specialist: Stacy Vogel
Intervention Specialist: Lauri Paetzold
Transition Coordinator: Lauri Paetzold

Special Education Resources

Speech Guidelines      Speech Forms: (En)  (Sp)

Transition in Texas


IDEA and 504
Extended Year Services (EYS)
District Curriculum Team